Tax Court Freedom Method

By Cary


Cary has helped close to 4000 people obtain freedom from the income tax and the IRS using a very, very simple 5 step method. This method is so simple just about anyone can do it!


Step 1: Starting Your tax Court Case
Tax Court Instructions.pdf Step by step instructions on how to complete the process.
Petition Kit Sample Use this form to start your tax court case. Instructions page for mailing address ONLY! Ignore the rest of the instructions page and DO NOT PAY THE FILING FEE! Paying the filing fee changes the jurisdiction and you will lose!
Successful Judgement Example of a successful judgment.
Successful Judgement Example of a successful judgment.


Step 2: Writing To The US District Court Asking for Jurisdiction
Sample Letter to Clerk of Court Sample Letter to Clerk of Court.


Support Materials
Always use Jurisdiction Jurisdiction cites.
Sample Jurisdiction Motion For use in court cases where jurisdiction is in question.
Tax Court Decision Understanding Court Decisions.
Substitute For Return Rules Rules The IRS Must Follow For Substitute For Returns.
No Filing Fee Required Quote from the US Supreme court stating filing fees are not required.


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