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What We're About

We're an education group (forum), giving insight 'into' the system; helping you understand your rights; and providing you with knowledge that helps you to stand up for your rights in many of life's situations. Many are having success with the information we provide, though it is considered unconventional by current societal standards.

Your Problems Are Commercial in Nature

This may surprise you! It does not matter whether you are facing civil or criminal court proceedings, IRS liens and taxes, state tax issues, property tax challenges, mortgage problems, credit card collections, student loan issues, or having difficulty dealing with the Police, all of your problems are considered Commercial in nature. Throughout our lives, we have been taught these problems are Legal in nature, but there is much more to the story than that.

Modern day courts, banks, financial institutions, tax collectors, and Police agencies are all subject to the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.), and are operating as commercial contracting organizations. In other words,

It's all about the money!

Often times, we receive notices, citations and/or bills without really understanding that the creators of these instruments (the notices, citations, bills) are engaging in administrative processes, and thereby, using your response or lack of response against you. It's all in the code!

It's all in the code!

All you need to do to win is to LEARN the CODE, and the underlying principles of contracting in the Code. Then, use your new-found knowledge to your benefit, just like courts and agencies are doing! Many thousands of Americans are learning the CODE, applying it to their lives, and they are WINNING! Finding the right mentors to guide you through this maze is essential!

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The Real You, and the Fictional You, Your STRAWMAN

Ever heard of your STRAWMAN before?

"My What!? What's that?"

To put it simply, your STRAWMAN is your proper case name (John Doe) spelled in ALL CAPITAL letters (JOHN DOE). So,

Mary Smith ⋅ ⋅ becomes ⋅ ⋅ MARY SMITH

Mark Johnson ⋅ ⋅ becomes ⋅ ⋅ MARK JOHNSON

and, Susan Wilson ⋅ ⋅ becomes ⋅ ⋅ SUSAN WILSON

Do you get that? Understanding this transformation is critical. This variation of your name is found on everything to do with business. Don't believe it? Look in your wallet and read everything that is business or official. Look at your credit cards, your insurance cards, your driver's license, your passport, and so on. You will see this ALL CAPITAL Letters (ALL CAPS) name used over and over again.

What does seeing my name in ALL CAPS really mean?

First of all, the use of the ALL CAPS name is what we call an "Ens Legis fiction" or a creation of law. It is NOT you, but a separate entity from you that is NOT real. Instead, this use of ALL CAPITAL letters is a practice known as Capitas Maximus Diminutio, which goes all the way back to ancient Rome. Showing a person's name in ALL CAPITAL letters distinguished them as a SLAVE of Diminished Status, and a Slave had NO RIGHTS. But, a living person spelled in proper case ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ that is, in upper and lower case letters ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ had UNLIMITED Rights. So, which one are you?

Watch our featured 5 minute Strawman video.

Your Chances in Court as a Defendant

Most of us have been involved in court matters at one time or another. Sometimes it is something simple, and not very serious. For instance: a dog barking complaint, or a ticket for a bad taillight. But, in a number of cases the stakes are far higher, and the results can be dangerously life altering.

Experience and courthouse records show us that when it comes to court cases the one bringing the charge or action (commonly called …the Plaintiff) has almost all of the advantages, and you, the Defendant, are virtually guaranteed to lose. When the matter before the court involves a foreclosure of your home, an unresolved bank debt, or a criminal matter, then losing is NOT an option.

But, what's a person to do? Especially, when you don't have the knowledge or understanding of the court system?

That's where we come in. We provide you with the needed knowledge to utilize the system to your advantage. That is what you want, right?

Our site will help you gain insight into the system; give you access to background information and the history behind the system; reveal to you what others have done to turn the tide, and successfully win; and give you the confidence to stand your ground and do the same. You need all the advantages that you can get! …and we're it!

I do not need to see anymore… sign me up!

The Voluntary Nature of Court

Most people in America today are unaware of the fact that participation in court proceedings and imprisonment is completely voluntary. Wow, that's hard to believe, right? But, it's true.

Currently, the entire American court system and law enforcement apparatus operates on the premise of commercial contracts and obligations. The whole system is based upon the voluntary use of benefits you, and nearly everyone else, has agreed to use, such as birth certificates, social security numbers, driver's licenses, Federal Reserve Notes (your everyday Money), the use of the Federal Reserve Banking system, and so much more. In fact, Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork has even been quoted as saying … “every prisoner in America volunteered to go to prison ”.

How is this possible?

It's all because of the 14th Amendment. The premise is, if you are "Appearing" in COURT, then you must be a 14th Amendment U.S. CITIZEN, and as such, you have "NO RIGHTS" except those the court may decide to grant you. This is one of the biggest reasons why courts have a 95-plus percent ( 95% + ) criminal conviction rate, …and why years later we're finding DNA and/or other withheld, hidden, or unknown evidence that proves one individual after another was wrongly convicted.

When a living person identifies oneself in court as a DEFENDANT, and hires an attorney to represent him or her, the court views that as a voluntary act of submission. Sounds weird, but that is how the system works! The same is true with civil court cases. The Plaintiff …the one bringing the charge or action against you …has most of the advantages, and almost always prevails against you, the Defendant.

Obviously, it is dangerous stepping into their voluntary system, especially when everything is slanted to the system's advantage. As you can see, not only do they have the upper hand, but they have all the financial resources on their side. When they have unlimited funds to spend and you don't, who do you think will win?

You can reverse that trend! Gain knowledge and insight by digging in and studying. Remember, when you learn from the best, you can learn to win …EVERYTIME!

Civil Cases

Some of the toughest civil cases you can face are with Banks and their attorneys. Read the headlines. Banks will stop at nothing to win in court. They want to take everything you have and then some. You simply are at a big disadvantage when fighting their machine. Banks have been known to foreclose on homeowners who owned their homes free and clear, and did not even have a mortgage! That is how bad things are getting now, and it is not getting any easier. Not only do Banks have the upper hand, but they have all the financial resources on their side. When their fiat money system run by the Federal Reserve can create funds out of thin air, and spend it anyway they want, and you can't do the same, who do you think will win?

Thankfully, because of the diligent studies and efforts of capable mentors showcased here at, facts, and little known laws have come to light that allow all Americans to settle their debts no matter HOW MUCH THEY OWE!

This system of credit can even be used to settle court cases, both civil and criminal! So when it comes to issues like old credit card debt, bank loans, mortgages, alimony, and so forth, do not argue. Simply use your "credit" to pay the bill. What most Americans do not know is, since the implementation of the debt-based Federal Reserve Banking System, all Americans are considered to be CREDITORS to the Banking system and NOT Debtors. Creditors are the highest authority and have the highest degree of rights while debtors have NO authority, and little, if any, rights.

Of course, the money hungry Banks are not going to tell you this! If they did, their fiat money system would collapse, and they would have to go back to an honest and constitutional banking system again. That is precisely what has happened in Iceland, where they recently overturned this ruthless banking system, and kicked the old Banks out of their land. Now, the Banks there need to be fair and honest, and work with the people. It has all changed because the Banks must lend money based upon the value of a specific commodity, such as gold, silver, or copper. That's real currency, not imaginary money! It's the way things used to be here. Nonetheless, you can win! Learn to be the creditor you are, and take back your rights, and your country just like Iceland did!

Criminal Cases

Did you know that if you are charged with a crime you have a ninety-five percent (95%) chance of being convicted!? Even if you are INNOCCENT! We have all watched those "48 Hours" or "Dateline" shows where one wrongly convicted person after another ultimately gets released from jail, but not until they have spent years behind bars for a crime they did not commit. Why does this happen? In part, it is because the system has all the money and resources, and you, the Defendant, don't.

Believe it or not, even though criminal court cases are called "Criminal," the U.S. Title Codes refer to criminal court cases as civil commercial matters. That's right! They are "Civil" matters!

What that means is that criminal charges are "Commercial" in nature (See 27 CFR 72.11). The best way to settle the case (or account) is not by going to jail, but by simply "paying" the bill! Obviously, there are some criminal cases where an individual needs to be locked up, like murder, rape, and kidnapping, but only if they actually committed the crime. But, for other criminal matters, there is another way to handle things.

Few Americans know they are actually creditors, and as such, they (you) can use that credit to settle their (your) court cases! It does not matter if the case is an infraction, misdemeanor, or one of the more serious felony crimes. The way to settle the case is NOT to argue, but to simply "pay" the bill using your credit. To learn where this credit came from please read House Joint Resolution 192 (HJR 192).

If you are looking for help, and wanting to overcome these kind of criminal court hurdles, here's what you do: Sit and study at the feet of competent and knowledgeable mentors like those affiliated with this site … You will learn far more than this quick overview gives you when you join and begin listening to our mentors. It is what you want, right? To overcome?

Does this Sound too Good to be True?

Here are a few Success Stories by
Students of our Mentors

Listen to these success stories by real people in real life situations who "WON"!

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  1. Land Patent Success Story
    Thanks to help from Bob Schaefer, a land owner defeats an out of control home owners association. Great Story!

  2. Land Patent Success Story
    A married couple were being harrassed and threatened by the local fire marshal and prevailed after posting the land patent notices.

  3. Land Patent saves Business A machine shop owner faces the prospect of closing his business due to county code enforcement. He was able to save his business by claiming the benefits of the land patent.

  4. Brandy and his Success with the Union

  5. Shilo and Daryl's Success in Court
    Extensive, thorough, and profound conversation: Shilo and Daryl share their indepth story of how they overcame alleged charges of fraud involving an automobile insurance claim. Lessons of how repeated offer and counter-offer eventually led to the case being dismissed. In the process, student learns to "forgive" his brother, and therefore ask for forgiveness.

  6. Students Success with an International Criminal Case in Mexico
    Gary, who works in the International banking industry, was arrested by INTERPOL in Mexico, He shares details of his experience in dealing with his being interrogated by authorities. Gary credits his release and success in this dangerous situation to Jack and Gordon and their coaching. Gary demonstrated exactly who he was, and his knowledge of contract law, and it saved him. (1-hour-3-minutes)

  7. Dr. Don's Astounding Success Story
    An introduction to Dr. Don and his ongoing success stories: Dr. Don was facing 16 years in Federal prison, on top of losing his medical license. Dr. Don tells how his friends and family turned against him, and how he dealt with it. Gordon reads a poem about justice, and explains how the system is NOT personal, but just business …a very precise and cold business. Dr. Don also explains that along the way to success he made mistakes and followed other teachers, whose processes only got him into even deeper trouble. Dr. Don credits Jack and Gordon with helping resolve his court and other issues, and for sticking with him through his trials and tribulations. (27-minutes)

A Treatise On Arrests And False Imprisonment

The American Dream Film, a Story About Bankers

The America Dream Film is a short animated and entertaining film. Pyle, an average American, learns the hard way, through foreclosure, about the true nature of the Federal Reserve Banking System, and its destructive power, which is being unleashed upon the American way of life. Hartman, his long-time school mate, takes him on a journey through time, teaching Pyle the history of the current fiat banking system, and the warnings our founding fathers gave regarding the dangers of central banking. Sit back, butter your popcorn and enjoy! (30-minutes)


We have all heard the horror stories of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or taxing authorities seizing properties from Americans to settle outstanding tax bills, or so-called tax bills, like assessments for sewer lines. In many cases, the Americans losing their property to delinquent tax bills could have used their "Credit" as Americans to settle those tax obligations, thereby sparing the loss of their home, property, or peace of mind. In fact, experience has shown that oftentimes this credit can also be used to "pay" your income tax as well. Imagine how much more time could be spent doing things more important to you than working to pay taxes, especially tax bills that could be settled with the simple stroke of a pen! It's all in the Code, if you know where to look! Learn the code and the principles of contracting. With the right steps maybe even your tax debts will disappear.

Caution: Unlike some other parties out there, we are not advocating doing anything risky or illegal in handling your tax situation. There are groups who incorrectly teach people how to file 1099 OID's. 1099 OID's are valid, but only when done according to the statute, and there exists considerable confusion regarding that portion of the statute. For that reason alone, we consider 1099 OID filings extremely dangerous. Even worse are the parties, who advocate you lie about what you earned, or what your business expenses were. Those tax filings are fraudulent, and though they may appear to work initially because you got a huge refund, the IRS and their investigators will come a calling. You must be careful who you listen to when handling your specific tax matters. Further, there are some who go about showing people ways to pay their tax obligations with fictitious financial instruments. This too is nothing more than fraud. Keep in mind, there are usable financial instruments out there. You must be careful who you listen to when handling your specific tax matters. Be prudent and study and learn from the best. Do it right!

Bank Debt

Bank debts ranging from automobile loans, boat loans, credit cards, lines of credit, mortgages, student loans, and so on can also be settled by utilizing a combination of the administrative process and your credit standing. It will NOT be EASY, but it can be done!

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve Banking System, Banks no longer truly lend money! Sounds crazy, huh? Which brings to mind… what's that loan you just got? But, before you go trying to figure that one out, listen to this: We are not asking you to take our word for it. We are telling you to take the Federal Reserve's word for it. It is all contained in their publication, Modern Money Mechanics. The information contained in their publication tells you Banks create money out of thin air, and that they have NOTHING at risk for doing so.

So if Banks create money out of thin air, where is the money they are loaning you coming from?

Have you ever noticed in your local newspaper when someone is being sued by a Bank that they are being sued for an "extension of credit"? What exactly does that mean? Why do they NOT call it a loan? It is really quite simple. According to the Federal Reserve Banking regulations, Banks are not allowed to really lend money. Instead, Banks can only extend credit, YOUR CREDIT, and call it a loan. Nice trick, huh?

It all goes back to HJR 192, a declaration of Bankruptcy by the U.S. GOVERNMENT, which states that the U.S. GOVERNMENT is responsible for all public debts. This is where the Banks get the money you get to temporarily use: the U.S. TREASURY.

The reason is because HJR 192 made it against public policy to ever "PAY" a debt. Gold became no longer legal to accept or demand as payment for a debt. Further, demanding payment for a debt in ANY form became illegal. Amazingly, this practice stands to this very day!

So instead, it is the U.S. TREASURY which is extending credit to the Bank, and ultimately to you. What a scam! With the mentors here at, you will learn how to capitalize and use your credit from the same source as the Banks, and by doing so, you will be able to settle your debts and obligations no matter what the debt is, or how much you owe. And …it is all LAWFUL!

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