How To Use This Site

Thank you for Joining If you are new to this kind of "unconventional" information and learning, it is highly recommended that you start with the background information tour

Background Tour

The tour will give you the context of the concepts that our featured mentors have based their lessons on. If you do not have the basic background understandings, you will most likely be lost in the discussions given by each mentor.

Most all of the content presented has been taken from public conference calls and organized by subject and by date. The purpose of this service is to help the student (you) to more quickly learn the methods and procedures provided by the featured mentors. We highly recommend that you take the time to listen or watch the original seminars as that is where the basic procedures are originally discussed. The next step is to listen to the follow up recorded conference calls either by date or by subject.

Calls by Date:

The edited segments of each available conference call have been arranged in order as they have appeared in the original recording. The entire call can be played in their entirety in order by selecting the date of the calls and then by selecting the segments from the calls in the order that they appear from the top down.

Calls by subject:

The most popular method of playing the audios is by selecting the calls content by subject. Each call recording is categorized by subject and date and can be played simply by selecting the subject of interest and then by the title of the actual sound file within that subject listing.

Recommended procedure for Gordon Hall content:

Gordon Hall and his associates Jack Smith and Brandon Adams produced a three day seminar in Boston Massachusetts in 2009. This seminar is the basis for the procedures taught by Gordon Hall. What is known as the Boston Workshop can be found under the listing of "Creditors in Commerce Boston Workshops" found at the members login index page. If you are new to this material, the Boston Workshop is the best starting point. Each audio file has been painstakingly indexed into segments for quick review. Each Workshop listing also contains the full original audio file for uninterrupted listening. The recommended follow up procedure is the then listen to the next series of Workshops by Gordon Hall titled "The Rules of the Game of Life" which can be found in the subject section at the bottom category called "Workshops- The Rules to the Game of Life". The best way to play the workshop is by subject and from the top audio down to the bottom of the page.



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