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What is a Land Patent?

A Land patent is an official document conveying land from the United States Government to private ownership and signed by the respective president of the United States of America. These transferred title of public lands to the people or corporations named, and to their heirs and assigns, FOREVER. Being both constitutional and biblical, once a Land Patent has been properly established, it will no longer be subject to any 3rd party challenge. These transfers were direct from the national government to the individual. There are some patents issued by States, also. Present-day parcels can be traced back to their original patents.

What is Allodial Title?

Allodial title originated from old English law when the King owned all the land. When the people put enough pressure on the King, the King conveyed the land to the people in what is known as Allodial title, or true ownership. American lands have been transferred to the United States through treaties, conquest, purchase, grants, and then to the people through Land Patents also known as Allodial title, or title in Allodium.

Public land versus Public Domain

Public land is land that has been appropriated or designated for a particular use. Public Domain means lands that have not been appropriated. Public land might be Monuments, National Forrest, Parks, Wilderness and so on. The conveyance of land from public domain to private ownership was done through land patents.

Every piece of privately owned land has in it's origins, a land patent conveying full ownership to private individuals and to their heirs and assigns FOREVER signed by the President of the United States. This means that the ownership can never be diminished in it's authority and Jurisdiction.

Landmark case for land patents is Suma Corporation vs California which established that ownership can not be superseded by the State or anyone else.

What Are The Advantages of a Land Patent?

When the original land was issued, it was Unencumbered, which means;

  • That land can not be foreclosed upon
  • The land can not be taxed
  • No third party claim can come against it
  • Government can not enact legislation that encumbers your land (like the endangered species act and so on)

  • How does a land patent apply with water rights?

    With few exceptions, any water that originates on the land, belongs to the owner. This would include, rain water, springs and wells, and thus the Government can not regulate or monitor the amount of water that an owner can use.

    What if someone has obtained a Warranty Deed, is that property ownership?

    No, the warranty deed only acts as color of title (imitation) originally issued by the State and does NOT convey true property ownership. Therefore, any property or land conveyed under a Warranty Deed will be subject to codes, regulations and taxation.

    The Downside to a Land Patent

    One of the few downsides to obtaining a land patent is that you may have difficulty in obtaining a loan or financing on your land(property/ Real Estate). With the millions of people facing foreclosure and losing their homes, is that such a bad thing?

    The other downside is, should you remove your land from the county tax rolls, emergency services will no longer have any obligation to respond to a 911 call or to provide any kind of emergency services. The remedy to this problem could be to create a private contract with each of the emergency services such as Police, Fire, Ambulance and the Shreriffs Office.

    Self-Supported Foundations


    Many people have asked, "Is there a list of things one's "Self-Supported Foundation" (SSF), can do that might help us ascertain the value of having our own SSF? Here is a reply regarding an un-incorporated organized church/Foundation as the "otherwise" described in Title 26 USC (IRS Code).

    1. Operate in complete privacy. Since the SSF is not incorporated, it is a private, lawful entity that is the "exception" rather than being "exempt" from regulation regarding entities controlled by the government. Therefore, you operate in complete privacy.

    2. Receive lawful protection from many taxes. There are numerous tax benefits for directors of charitable foundations.

    3. Remove assets from other taxation. All gifts (donations), to your SSF are removed from Estate, Gift and Capital Gains tax exposure.

    4. Receive donations or gifts of all kinds of assets. Your SSF may accept donations of all kinds of assets. (Real property, vehicles, boats, planes, clothing, furniture and money.)

    5. Receive funds from deferred gifts. Your SSF may receive donations from wills, trusts, life insurance or any other deferred gift.

    6. Immune from liability of lawsuits. By placing all of your assets into a SSF, attorneys will have a hard time trying to collect any judgments against you personally. (If they can collect anything at all.) As the saying goes, "You can't get blood out of a turnip".

    7. Reduce you own personal tax liability. By placing your "income" into your SSF, your own personal tax liability will be reduced. This can be done by having your employer make the payroll checks out in the name of the SSF or wire the funds directly to the SSF's bank account.

    8. Reduce your business's tax liability. By making the SSF the lawful owner of most of the stock or ownership in an existing business, your business's tax liability will decrease.

    9. Open bank accounts all over the world. There is no need to have an "off-shore" trust or corporation since a SSF is allowed to exist all over the globe. However, one may have to physically open the account in another country and give the bank a local address for your SSF.

    10. Gifting to other Countries. U.S. Taxpayers cannot deduct gifts to overseas charitable projects unless they do so through another charitable entity such as the SSF.

    11. Personal compensation for the work you do. A SSF is allowed to provide for the payment of anyone that works for it. This can be done by using the "Workers Contract" provided. Since FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes) are used as "compensation" (exchange), the transaction should not be a taxable event according to United Stated Codes. FRNs are "Obligations of the United States". "Obligations" are not taxable, unless you or your entity is a corporation or public organization.

    12. Allow your SSF to make the payment for all expenses. All expenses that are required for the operation and growth of the SSF are allowed. Yes, you can have the SSF pay for all of your transportation, clothing, food, and shelter. (Remember, you are working for God now.)

    13. Bank accounts are private. The checking account set up for the SSF does not have any social security number associated with it. However, the bank may want to check your own social security for personal identification only. Every bank should open up an account without having any "DBA" associated with it. Remember, the SSF is not a business in the commercial world.

    14. You are in control. Since there is no "trustee" or "office of the president" involved in the SSF, you can be directly involved with all of the legal transactions regarding the SSF.

    15. No ending date for the SSF. The SSF does not have a date where it comes to an end. There is no ending date for any reporting because there is nothing to report.

    16. Not taxable. The SSF is not required to file ANY tax return.

    17. Non-political. The SSF is not political in any manner even though it may be "created" by contract somewhere in the united states of America. However, the SSF may write or verbally "report" to others regarding the truth or opinion of any matter going on world-wide.

    18. May be funded or supported by other businesses. Since the SSF is just that--a SELF-SUPPORTED Foundation--to survive, it must be supported/financed by activities that make a profit. This may be done by having some or all of your "supporting business" profits go directly into the account of the SSF. In fact, the SSF itself can, and should have activities that support itself. Remember, the SSF is SELF-SUPPORTED!

    19. Not regulated by the Government for corporations. Remember the Amish? They can build what they want on their property without "code enforcement" from the government. They do not need licenses to operate. They are left alone by the government. The SSF should be operated just like they operate their "work". If they can do "it", then the SSF can do "it".

    20. Your self-esteem. Your light should shine among men so that they might see what you do. If everyone who calls himself a Christian would have his own SSF, there would be a lot more money for the Church (God's people). Now you are actually working for God, rather than for "men". This will have a great effect on one's attitude. After all, Christ said "Carry your OWN cross". We should not to let someone else carry it. Now you're "giving" is not just a tenth. It is now EVERYTHING that you have, own, and will do. (Get the picture?)

    21. Your ability to influence your children. Many who have a SSF enjoy the opportunity to impact their families by "leading by example" not only in The Home, but also in their church and community. You can now add "significance" to your lifetime of work.

    22. Other considerations. Perhaps the worst thing for an older person to have are assets. Many older people have had all of their hard earned assets levied on and actually had them taken (stolen) by the government by being admitted to a health care facility. If one is wealthy, the wealth can actually be "used" up quite fast and nothing will be left for their heirs. By placing all of their assets, ahead of time, into a SSF, they can now lawfully state that they do not "own" anything and can now be fully covered by federal and/or state coverage. (Medicare) If they are in need of anything, the SSF can take care of them. The SSF can be managed by them until their designated successor takes over. Remember, the SSF does not die. It can "live" forever.

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