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Do It Yourself Land Patent Kit

What Is A Land Patent? | What Are The Advantages? | What Does My Kit Contain?

  • Easy To Use
    Kit comes complete with all notices and documentation you need to start and finish your claim
  • Step By Step Process
    Follow step by step instructions and court case quotes
  • Highest Form of Land Ownership
    No other form of title (Warranty Deed ect.)have a higher place in law than land patents
  • ALL Land Patents are FOREVER
    Original land patents issued to private people always state "To heirs and assigns FOREVER"
  • Protect your private land and house with Allodial title claim
    Follow in the footsteps of others who have protected themselves form over reaching code enforcement and more!

What Is A Land Patent

A Land patent is an official document conveying land from the United States Government to private ownership and signed by the respective president of the United States of America. These transferred title of public lands to the people or corporations named, and to their heirs and assigns, FOREVER.

Being both constitutional and biblical, once a Land Patent has been properly established, it will no longer be subject to any 3rd party challenge. These transfers were direct from the national government to the individual. There are some patents issued by States, also. Present-day parcels can be traced back to their original patents.

What is Allodial Title?

Allodial title originated from old English law when the King owned all the land. When the people put enough pressure on the King, the King conveyed the land to the people in what is known as Allodial title, or true ownership. American lands have been transferred to the United States through treaties, conquest, purchase, grants, and then to the people through Land Patents also known as Allodial title, or title in Allodium.

Public land versus Public Domain

Public land is land that has been appropriated or designated for a particular use. Public Domain means lands that have not been appropriated. Public land might be Monuments, National Forest, Parks, Wilderness and so on. The conveyance of land from public domain to private ownership was done through land patents.

Every piece of privately owned land has in it's origins, a land patent conveying full ownership to private individuals and to their heirs and assigns FOREVER signed by the President of the United States. This means that the ownership can never be diminished in it's authority and Jurisdiction.

Landmark case for land patents is Suma Corporation vs California which established that ownership can not be superseded by the State or anyone else.

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What Are The Advantages of a Land Patent?

When the original land was issued, it was Unencumbered, which means;

  • That land can not be foreclosed upon
  • The land can not be taxed
  • No third party claim can come against it
  • Government can not enact legislation that encumbers your land (like the endangered species act and so on)

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  1. Land Patent Package Success Story
    Do it Yourself Land Patent Code enforcement Package. Land owner posted Bob's notices and were left alone by county code enforcement who wanted to impose fees and regualtions for starting a business on his own land.

How does a land patent apply with water rights?

With few exceptions, any water that originates on the land, belongs to the owner. This would include, rain water, springs and wells, and thus the Government can not regulate or monitor the amount of water that an owner can use.

What if someone has obtained a Warranty Deed, is that property ownership?

No, the warranty deed only acts as color of title (imitation) originally issued by the State and does NOT convey true property ownership. Therefore, any property or land conveyed under a Warranty Deed will be subject to codes, regulations and taxation.

The Downside to a Land Patent

One of the few downsides to obtaining a land patent is that you may have difficulty in obtaining a loan or financing on your land (property / Real Estate). With the millions of people facing foreclosure and losing their homes, is that such a bad thing?

The other downside is, should you remove your land from the county tax rolls, emergency services will no longer have any obligation to respond to a 911 call or to provide any kind of emergency services. The remedy to this problem could be to create a private contract with each of the emergency services such as Police, Fire, Ambulance and the Shreriff's Office.

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The Land Patent Kit

  • Easy step by step instructions
    Easy to follow instructions
  • Your deed is just Color of Title
    Color of Title (Imitation) is never superior to Allodial Title
  • If you do not claim your land, you are exposed to lose it
    Not claiming the benefits of the land patent makes it very easy for others to take your land and home away from you
  • Stop being a tenant on your own land
    Unless you make a proper land claim, you are only a tenant and subject to the whims of attorneys and regualtors

"Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition"

Allodial. Free; not holden of any lord or superior; owned without obligation of vassalage or fealty; the opposite of feudal. Barker v. Dayton, 28 Wis. 384; Waalace v Harmstad, 44 Pa. 499.

ALLODIUM. Land held obsolutely in one's own right, and not of any lord or superior; land not subject to feudal duties or burdens. An Estate held by absolute ownership, without recognizing any superior to whom any duty is due on account thereof. 1 Wash.Real Prop 16. McCartee v. Orphan Asylum, 9 Cow., N.Y., 511,18 Am. Dec.516

Instant Download Kit Contains

  • 2 Downloadable Videos
  • 2 Downloadable Audios
  • 9 Document Folders with Step By Step Instructions
  • Exclusive Material- Instructional Interview Audio With Bob Schaefer

Land Patent Kit Licensing

The use of the Land Patent Kit is restricted to one home or property per kit purchased. Additional kits must be purchased for each additional property

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